Welcome to Mastiff Meadows. Where my family and I breed mastiffs with passion. Creating superior designer Mastiffs that are healthy, intelligent, and large. Justifying the name, Mastiff. 

Our dogs are highly selected thru extensive research. Including health, temperament, size, with accredited pedigrees. We breed Mastiffs that are health tested, with composed structures, and engaging temperaments. these breeds are bred to be aloof. they make great property protection guards, watch dogs, and family companions. I breed to keep this stature alive, A trait that is passed down to their pups. Our dogs are 24/7 working dogs. Protecting the family, home, livestock and land. I encourage them to use their instincts. 

Puppies are naturally raised in a stimulating environment from day one. Exercising the mind with socialization, training for indoor and outdoor manners, raised with children and household pets, experiencing the great outdoors. All at age appropriate times.

Pups come with genetics already tested and certified thru Paw Print Genetics. Making sure you get a happy, healthy, smart, and strong puppy. Just right for your family.

Mastiff Meadows is located in the Sierra Nevada mountains of Northern California. Our dogs are exercised daily in the beauty of lakes, meadows, and forests. Keeping them fit and aware of their surroundings, respecting nature, and knowing when protection is needed. 


Next litter will arrive in 2024. Please fill out our waiting list to be notified when this litter is born.

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